The Gates of Delirium, Pt. 1 (Remix) (Stereo Remix)


The Gates Of Delirium (Part 1) (Stereo Remix) - Yes (是樂隊)

Stand and fight we do consider

Reminded of

An inner pact between us that's seen as we go


And ride there in motion

To fields in debts of honour defending

Stand the marchers soaring talons

Peaceful lives will not deliver freedom fighting we know

Destroy oppression the point to reaction

As leaders look to you attacking

Choose and renounce throwing chains to the floor

Kill or be killing faster sins correct the flow

Casting giant shadows off fast penetrating force

To alter via the war that's seen as

Friction spans the spirits wrath ascending to redeem

Wars that shout in screams of anguish

Power spent passion bespoils our soul receiver surely we know

In glory we rise to offer

Create our freedom a word we utter

A word

Words 'cause our banner victorious our day

Will silence be promised as violence displays

The curse increased we fight

The power and live by it by day

Our Gods awake in thunderous roars and guide

The leader's hand in paths of glory to the 'cause


Should we fight forever

Knowing as we do know fear destroys


Should we leave our children


Our lives stare in silence

Help us now