Peggy Lee2012年2月1日

Mañana - Peggy Lee (佩吉·李)

The faucet she is dripping

And the fence she's fallin' down


My pocket needs some money

So I can't go into town


My brother isn't working


And my sister doesn't care


The car she needs a motor


So I can't go anywhere


My mother's always working


She's working very hard


But every time she looks for me

I'm sleeping in the yard


My mother thinks I'm lazy

And maybe she is right


I'll go to work maana

But I gotta sleep tonight


Oh once I had some money

But I gave it to my friend


He said he'd pay me double

It was only for a lend


But he said a little later


That the horse she was so slow


Why he give the horse

My money is something I don't know


My brother took a suitcase

And he went away to school


My father said he only learned to be a silly fool


My father said that

I should learn to make a chili pot


But then I burned the house down

The chili was too hot


The window she is broken

And the rain is comin' in


If someone doesn't fix it

I'll be soaking to my skin


But if we wait a day or two

The rain may go away


And we don't need a window on such a sunny day


Oba Oba


Oba Oba



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