A Prayer And A Juke Box

Little Anthony & The Imperials1991年1月1日

A Prayer And A Juke Box - Little Anthony & The Imperials

Written by:Shelton

I said a prayer and played the jukebox


I played what used to be our song


For it's the only thing I have


Since our love affair was through


I saw you dancing with another


My heart was breaking with each beat


'Cause no one knew that I still loved you


And that I willed you here with me


Then the music started playing


And I saw you glance at me


With a sigh you she'd a tear


As they played our melody


And by the time the song had ended


I knew that things would be all right


Though you are his tonight dear


You'll be mine tomorrow night tomorrow night

Oh tomorrow night tomorrow night

Ooh ooh tomorrow night tomorrow night


Tomorrow night