Letters Home

Radical Face2013年10月22日

Letters Home - Radical Face

Written by:Ben Cooper

So I'm writing' you this letter between rests

'Cause yesterday a bullet found my chest

And I don't got the energy to dress myself

And I can't walk without help


And I

I can't remember why I joined this war

And I can't tell you what we're fighting' for


I guess I wasn't smart enough to see the game

And that no one's keeping' score


And now you would not believe the things I miss

It's all the little things that fill that list


Like playing' with the dogs

And helping' father chop the wood behind the fence


Now I


I'm not sure if I'll see another day

The doctor said it could go either way

But I just wanted you to know

No matter if I sink of fall

Or blink out in this hospital


That I'm alright yeah

I made peace with it all


Mistakes and all


Mistakes and all


Mistakes and all


Mistakes and all


Mistakes and all