Medley: Blue Rock Montana/Red Headed Stranger

Willie Nelson1975年5月1日

Medley: Blue Rock Montana / Red Headed Stranger - Willie Nelson (威利·納爾遜)

Well he rode into blue rock dusty an' tired


An' got him a room for the night


He lay there in silence with too much on his mind


Still hopin' that he was not right


But he found them that evenin' at a tavern in town


In a quiet little out of the way place


An' they smiled at each other

When he walked through the door


An' they died with their smiles on their faces


They died with their smile on their face


Don't boss him don't cross him


He's wild in his sorrow:


He's ridin' an' hidin' his pain


Don't fight him don't spite him;

Just wait till tomorrow


Maybe he'll ride on again