Thanks for Setting Me Free


作曲 : 林一峯

i guess i have to say i'm sorry

for all the love you gave me

but i always knew from the start

we're never meant to be

i guess i have no choice

i'm drawn to the troubles in wait

just as you're drawn to my thorns

it hurts but somehow makes you pleased

innocence has no excuse

like a sun so bright so pure

we stare into the eyes of truth

it's always honesty we adore

innocence is no excuse

for the love one can abuse

but you taste the beauty of cruelty

when the tears become a morning dew

i guess somewhere in space

i will find what i'm longing for

but i'm not sure what it is

maybe that's why i'm afraid to be free

i hope somewhere in time

you will find what you're longing for

what deserves you

from my heart,my little prince

thanks for setting me free