Everybody Rise Again

Busta Rhymes2004年9月17日


Everybody Rise Again - Busta Rhymes (布斯塔·瑞恩)

Let's get it goin

Yeah yeah

I'm about to Picasso a new picture for you muf**kas


I'm baaack yeah

I just want every one of you mothaf**kas that here to do one thing with me



Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

Cmon New York Jersey Philly Bemore DC Virginia come on

Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

NC ATL Chicago Cleveland Miami LA Houston

We bite the ni**a straight outta jail give me the money ni**a

I'll smack you stupid ain't nuttin funny ni**a

I'll lay a ni**a out and use they a** to shoot like a marble black floor

Bloody something like a hacksaw

And then we stash a couple gats in the bag because we at war

Pistol whip some of these niggas leavin em wit cracked jaws

Battlin like we in costalon niggas see you supposed to know

We extremely serious niggas

You see it's so marvelous how we just strap more pack more

No chichi niggas allowed just throw em out the back door

This lone menace got it wicked for the protenants

You niggas soft like limp dick and lead progenes


Blessin the younger thug wit sh*t to look forward to

The god is back so niggas is quick and to fast forward you

Yo this sh*t be straight energy

You've been f**kin wit Flip Mode ni**a while I'm refreshin your memory


Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

NO Seattle Detroit St Louis Dalas South Carolina niggas cmon

Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

Connecticut Pennsylvania Boston Buffalo Delaware Okland Little Rock cmon

You see it's hectic respect i

Blow up your deck until my cassette is ejected

How I will beat you just like your father don't even bother

However ni**a whatever ni**a who wanna follow

It gets coarse like the calice of a struggling black foot under privilege

I'm quick to stick you for your whole bank book

B**ches follow my bounce and follow my flow

Follow me now follow me later follow my glow

Ayyo follow instructions and follow the pro

And to follow my magic b**ches wanna follow my doe

Keepin ya bouncing got all my people singin the hook

Got b**ches buggin like how niggas be wild in the brook

Look we street niggas while you live by the book

Funny ni**a ain't no need to shoot yourself in the foot

F**k wit b**ches that's gettin doe and they know how to cook

In every struggle I always did whatever it took

So all my niggas

Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

Maryland Michigan Kansas Kentucky Alabama Indiana Utah cmon

Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

Phoenix Memphis Nashville Mississippi Rhode Island Colorado Wyoming f**k it

Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

Idaho Illinois Minnesota Missouri Oklahoma Overgod South Dakota come on

Everybody rise everybody rise everybody rise

Almafon boroughs Brooklyn Queens Yorksman Hatinstaton alley niggas come on

Ha yeah everybody rise come on

Everybody rise again rise wit me muf**kas

As I welcome you all to the genesis

A whole new foundation A whole new idea

A whole new experience

A whole entire new movement


Busta Rhymes Flip Mode Squad I salute y'all

Yeah yeah come on everybody rise

Yeah enough of the intro sh*t let's get straight to it