Back From Hell


On the lower level where the devils dwell

Comin' from the one comin' back from hell


Peepin' out the window checkin' on the criminals

Out in the yard it's hard but you're in

So you do your time and never let the time do ya

He lost his mind that's what the time'll do to ya

A brother in the box screamin' find a ciggarette

Niggaz walkin' by ain't tryin' to hear that

So off to the Day Room a fight in progress

A brother got sliced and diced over nonsense

D O I dead on the island

The life the knife the price for wigga wildin'

Never a day I say I'm not leavin'

Long as I live in a crib and I'm breathin'

Four years done another one in a cell

Don't need nobody to come 'cause I'll be back from hell


Fire and brimstone sendin' 'em home

To the brownstone and on the streets that he roamed

Before he got locked up he sewed the whole block up

People would jock because he cooked the rock

Caught by the cop he's knocked and now he's faceless

The spot was hot he's Scott that's what his name is

When he was out with clout people surround him

Now that he's in the pen niggaz downed him

Wait upstate for the day 'til they free the man


In '98 be straight and then you'll see him again

Ready to kill and steal ill and build

A flyer empire higher still runnin' the ville


Boy goin' to hell another day in the dark

The brother wait in the park blind faded and stalked

Naked out to die and not movin'

He needs a fix by six that means you've been

Strung out your lung out foamin' with your tongue out

Back to hell and well that's where you hung out

For the past and last year your acts for cash here

Crash and smash any a** to get a blast yeah

The brother smother his mother for another one

Then ill and kill with the other son

For crack as well the brother black he yell

You just stop and think he's comin' back from hell


From the depths of hell and you can smell the smoke