I Don't Know


I Don't Know - Salt-N-Pepa

Written by:Arthur Neville/George Porter Jr./Joseph Modeliste/Leo Nocentelli

Yo play I never expected that from you

A guy's entitled to one mistake Cheryl

One mistake that ain't what I heard yo what are you trying to say

Look let me kick it to you like this

It's not that I don't miss your kiss

Well what is it

I'm scared of gettin' hurt what much afraid

Of who me come on baby don't try to play me

It's true

But you know that I feel for you

Yeah I do but what yo play I can't trust you

Come on why

How could you stand there with a straight face and ask

I ain't the first or will not be the last

You got it all wrong those days they all gone

Yeah right I ain't goin' out like a pawn

Come on you make it sound like I'm a little ho

Yo let me tell you somethin' buddy

I really don't know

Oh I get it now I see

I really don't know

After all the time you spent with me

I really don't know

All the good things that we had in our mind

I really don't know

First I was sad now I'm gettin' mad

You gettin' mad

That's right mad

What are you gettin' mad about

Yo you better yo girl I'm tryin' to tell you

I better what tell me what I did

Look what I've done for you you are ungrateful

Yo salt I'm tellin' you lead that's goin' to your head

Look how you dissed me

Shut up

Now how could you forget so soon

All the nights with dim lights in the bedroom

The things we said the things we did

All the talk about the house the cars and the kids

Yo I'm not sayin' those things didn't happen but

That was before I found out you was a slut

Rappin' to all the girls in and out town

It didn't take long for word to get around

Yo if you walk out on me I'll understand

And have to take my lumps like a man

You see nobody's perfect neither are we

Love is knowin' when to say you're sorry

Yes and I apologize

You sure that's not a lie

Yeah cross my heart and hope to die

Just let me know what is it with you men

And don't tell me it's a Tom and Dick thing

Is it a must you lust for every big butt

You realize it caused the end of us

OK it's understood the things I did it wasn't good

Now can we live our lives like normal couples should

Mmmm no


Well I mean I still don't know it may be a mistake

Don't think it's fake

I poured my heart out and you still don't believe me

Well go ahead then you might as well leave me

I think you're right though

I know I'm right

Yeah so

So what

Yo I really don't know

Come on now I ain't gonna beg

I don't know

Didn't you hear a word I've said


Yo man this ain't gonna work

Word they're tryin' to play us like a bunch of jerks

Yo I ain't gettin' on my knees for no one

I'm with you true

Let's go have a cold one

Oh you the dude

Well how'd it go

Oh I don't know

At least we're still friends

Yeah me too so what's goin' on tonight

I got a date

Already so do I

Oh yeah that's great