Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile

Cliff Richard2006年3月27日

I'm a rock'n roll juvenile

Watch me run a mile

When they play beethoven

I'm a rock'n roll groovy mover

I only dig beethoven

When he's been rolled over

Roll over beethoven

I'm a rock'n roll holy roller

I love to sing 'bout jesus

Cos he saved my soul-a

I'm a rock'n rolling believer

Roll a rock at the devil

He's just a deceiver

(roll the rock)

Look at me I'm your rock'n roll man

Been a rock'n roll fan since it began

Look at me follow me if you care

I've found a rock'n roll heaven

I'll take you there


Look at me here I am

Get a rock'n roll band

I am a rock'n roll frontman

Love a solo guitar

It could take you far-take it-take it away

Take it away