Black Unicorn

2 Chainz2013年9月9日



Black Unicorn - 2 Chainz

And when you spiral through the atmosphere

All they see is motion

They never see the tears they never feel the pain

They always think it's nothing but it's something such a shame

So caught up in the fantasy humanity has made a love story out of tragedy


But there is no romance in life that's on the ledge

And there's no one to talk you down and tuck you in the bed

Lord it's so ironic that it's funny

Of something for the books or the bars

To bob your head and nod

I recall so many never ever thought you'd make it

So sad they were mistaken the joy they tried to take it

Mama said that "The best thing you can do and be is you

This world ain't got but one so give credit where it is due"

Ain't that the truth

And here you are a black unicorn

Mythical mystical since the day that you were born

Mastered all the madness let the magic have his way

Let the power paint the day let the god have his say

Cause there's a place that you can go no one else is allowed

Sitting up on your cloud so high when you look down

Just glance upon the beauty and the wonder to be found

Then know that you can stop your search cause love is all around


Free at last free at last

That's what I said when I got out my last deal


Some people can't relate sleep is the cousin of death that is some Nas sh*t


And when it's cold outside so your pipes won't bust turn on your faucets


Drip f**k the water bill we stay in apartments


And everything is a obstacle

When they watching you the hospital needs a hospital

Now they mocking you they say the flattery is sincere

I rhyme like a ni**a younger than me by ten years

Yeah and that's my car talking

Old school running with the dogs barking

Parked out that b**ch like I'm sellin' coffins

W**d so strong I be seldom coughin

And I'm covered in Balmain

Instagram pics of my lobster omelette

Sellin' that parcake life ain't no arcade

Now I got more knives than the 4th grade


Its all I really want

Its all I really want to be

Its all I really need

I want I want to believe


Thought you had the best of me

Now I'm what you need you need


Hear ye hear ye

You can't come near me

Competition must fear me

Lyrically I could be Talib Kweli

But with gold teeth it'd be hard for some to believe

I leave them pussys stinkin like Summer's eve

I practicin' repitition now I need a hundred G's

A hundred M's hug and squeeze

Dad kept us in the Dungarees rather rap but I love the cheese

I change hoes like I change gears

And my yard so big I got pet deers

And my homies try to act like ain't real

I put my apron on and taught myself how to make meals


You need a focus group my group focus

Hit the loker jokers with the hocus pocus

I'm the dopest you can quote this under scope

Its just me and GOAT

Dirty a** niggas will sell your a** a key of soap

I'da seen em rich I'da seen em broke

I'da seen it all watch the pregnant lady smoke

When the baby come out it gon' be geeked

You never know he might come out to be me


Its all I really want

Its all I really want to be

Its all I really need

I want I want to believe

Thought you had the best of me

Now I'm what you need you need



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