Alive (8-3-2016|Live in Indianapolis)

Mike Posner, The Legendary Mike Posner Band2018年1月26日


Alive (8-3-2016|Live in Indianapolis) - Mike Posner/The Legendary Mike Posner Band

Written by:Mike Posner

Sexes are shrouded in shivery


Little man with big eagles tried but little mean


They got me in the pickle


But I've been free minds with rattles


Every sense little leak


Naturally people sit behind the little screen then doll me


Meanwhile life in my hometown goes on

Just fine without me


Every time I go back


The little more money


And a little less time


Promises may to be fulfilled next time


People don't have no patience

So they try to test mine


That's okay


I got my notebook


I got my voice


I got to be free


I got no choice


I say interesting sentence


I've got to be free

I've got no choice


So you know


I still go on the dressing room

Before the show every night


For my little gel on my hair


I'm still trying to be cool


But the funny thing about that is


Everyone knows when you are trying so you


Never actually do


And even the funnier thing about that is


Everyone else is trying too


So I wonder


If I draft a gar


If I cut the shift for just this one moment


Would you


Would you




People will never mind

Made all our rooms


And we feel strong when we bent them


Mend then sook star words


Kids in camouflage end them


I'm supposed to entertain people


But I'm not supposed to offend them


F**k it


There are more available things in this world then attention


Feel that attention


When the tear ends


And you don't know what to do

So you tear again


Feel that attention


See I could say




Or I could say


Don't tear


Listen that weird


You don't hear words


You hear inflection and intention

Which means somebody saying I hate you

My really be saying I love you

I need the facts


A change for specter


Run to by yours truly


And I'll look on life


Run to by parents lean pick

And horror movies


Tore rubies


I was born goofy


And America try to strike me out


Talk the bullshits

And fortresses hotch is


And both for the porridge


Hood the sunk crooked line could be so godd**n gorgeous




They yah eyes to but loving


The tears




Might the little girl the other day

She is where I want to be


What I want to be end a year


I said