My Life Is Good

Randy Newman1983年8月16日


My Life Is Good (美好人生) (LP版) - Randy Newman

A couple weeks ago

My wife and I


Took a little trip down to



Met this young girl there

We brought her back with us

Now she lives with us

In our home


She cleans the hallway

She cleans the stair

She cleans the living room

She wipes the baby's ass

She drives the kids to school

She does the laundry too

She wrote this song for me




The other afternoon

My wife and I

Took a little ride into

Beverly Hills


Went to the private school

Our oldest child attends

Many famous people send their children there


This teacher says to us

"We have a problem here

This child just will not do

A thing I tell him to

And he's such a big old thing

He hurts the other children


All the games they play he plays so rough "

Hold it teacher

Wait a minute

Maybe my ears

Are clogged or somethin'

Maybe I'm not understanding

The English language


Dear you don't seem to realize


My life is good


My life is good


My life is good you old bag


My life my life


Just his evening

Some young associates of ours


Are flying in to see us from

New York City

They're gonna stay with us

Oh a couple weeks or so

I'm gonna take 'em to

Restaurants and everything

Gonna get 'em some

Real good cocaine

They don't get much

Where they come from

And this one guy's wife

Is such a pretty little brown thing

That I'm liable to give her a poke or two

Whaddaya think of that


Teacher let me tell you a little story


Just this morning


My wife and I

Went to the hotel in the hills


That's right

The Bel-Air Hotel


Where a very good friend of ours


Happens to be staying


And the name of that young man

Is Mr Bruce Springsteen

That's right yeah

Oh we talked about some kind of woodblock or something


And this new guitar we like


And you know what he said to me


I'll tell you want he said to me


He said "Rand I'm tired


How would you like to be the Boss for awhile "


Well yeah


Blow big man blow


My life is good


My life is good


My life is good


My life my life is good