I'm Okay

Dianne Reeves1996年4月4日

I'm Okay - Dianne Reeves

Winters of my life


They've been around so long


It's been so cold inside


But then again I know


I'm all right


I'm okay


Many roads, many wrong turns


No matter where I went


My past was always there


Used to think all the troubles were meant for me


Lots and lots of times


When life was hitting harder


I never had the strength to stop and say


I'm all right


I'm okay


Many times, many lovers


Who never got the chance to love the way I love them


Ran away after taking a part of me


Many nights, many tears


Many dreams, many fears


But I came to the end with a smile


Cause I'm all right


I'm okay


The rains may fall


The winds may blow my hopes away


But in time I know I can always say


I'm all right


I'm all right


I'm okay





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