Lamplight Symphony


Lamplight Symphony - Kansas

On a winter's night stars

Are cold and bright in the sky


The slumber of the earth is pure and deep


From a distant wood drifts the echo of a beast


The old man stirs and wakens in the night


He stands before THE window

Gazing at the grave


Forgotten dreams are flashing

Through his weary mind


And though his life is empty

He pretends that she's still there


With hunger in his soul


He yearns for life and love gone by


With memories his one and only joy


All he has to give YOU KNOW he would

GLADLY give to bring back the life

And raise the one who lies beneath the snow


He lights a lamp and looks at pictures of the past


The faces of their youth still glow with new-found love


But the picture's faded and time has stolen youth away


With a spoken word that he

Thought he heard from her lips

He felt another presence in the room


He was filled with fear but

Filled with joy he arose


And turned to face the image that he knew


She stood before him and her

Hand reached out for his


A peaceful light shone in her eyes


She said she'd come to soothe him

And someday they'd be as one


She began to fade and her image disappeared


So he was left alone to face ANOTHER night


Never in his life had he been so held in awe

As he faced the apparition of his wife


He stood before the window gazing at the grave


And with a lightened heart he saw the first of dawn


He knew that she was waiting

AND that someday they'd be as one