Action Bronson2017年8月25日

just tell me how high you are

i don't know, what are you giving me?

just tell, just tell everyone how high you are

no, i can't talk, i'm not telling anyone

i'm not telling anyone

can you please-

are you recording me?

no i'm not, can you just-

you are lying

can you please tell them?

i-i can't describe it, i am so high

that's it, it's like i'm tripping


(yeah, yeah, wolfpack)

puerto rican air force 1's at the wedding

i'm only speaking truth

uh, i might open up for bruce

my own horn i don't really mean to toot

sign big deals with yamakas on and suede gloves

it's safe to say your boy done came up

too much lobster on the plane

the plane won't stay up

b*tch i'm butt naked layed up

yo, what the f*ck (wolfpack)

this d*ck'll make an r&b chick write a song


about the rain when it falls and the pain that it causes

and how she always wakin' up alone

and now bronson gotta call tyrone

f**k that, i'm tryna blow smoke towards the moon

until my mind start racing like zoom

i'm hotter than when bow wow dropped in the summer

girls scream and i hop into the hummer like

uh, i'm a teenage heartthrob

you smoke little blunts, like kevin hart's arms

my bloodline predate aardvark and love shot

and cookin' flesh off of charred bark



i shot d**e before i wrote this

sniffed coke and did aerobics by the ocean

this is blue chips 7 not usher

big muskets get squeezed like mustard

and mother f*ckers flee off in the nissan

they say that life is like a see-saw

i roll solo, why i got these extra seats for?

hit eject watch him free fall

better use both f*cking feet dog

yeah, yeah, yeah

blue chips 7

my blue heaven