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The Minute Waltz (Album Version)

Barbra Streisand1990年10月25日


The Minute Waltz (Album Version) - Barbra Streisand

Written by:L O'Kun


I have got a minute

Just a little minute

I have only got a minute

Just a minute

I have only got a minute that is all the time

I have to sing this tiny little minute waltz


It isn't easy but I'll try it then

I've got to say goodbye

But first I take a minute

And put in it every note that chopin wrote

And I thus I'll sing the little minute waltz

And hope that I can sing with no faults

And though it's difficult

I'll give it last every last breath that

I've got within my body

Hope that my performance won't be very shoddy


Singing every note

Will not do wonders for my throat

I probably will end up hoarse

Of course I will I've done it

On a wager that I may have will have not won

It's not the money but the satisfaction that I get

From winning money on this silly kind of bet


Though this kind of solo wasn't his intention

Chopin isn't here to make an intervention

So with your permission and no intermission

I will sing each note that that composer wrote

As you can hear my trilling isn't very thrilling

But no one can say I wasn't very willing

To attempt to sing what's not been done

And just for fun to sing the minute waltz


As I sing the seconds fly

All too soon the minute walks by

And now I ask you where am I


Halfway through the tune

And I'm falling far behind


I have less than 30 seconds

Less than 30 seconds

Less than 30

Less than half a minute

I have less than 30 seconds

I have less than half a minute

To complete this little minute waltz

Where every note that's in the score faults

The sands of time I know are pouring

Let me win my bet and I'll run with the money

Down to some big store and there

I'll buy a honey

Of a trophy for myself to put upon

The shelf show the world I won


Oh the second hand is rushing round the dial

And though I'd like to end this torture with a smile

Unless someone knows how to stop the clock

You gonna see me cry before I've said goodbye

Eight little measures to complete this song

But I'm afraid my little lungs will

Burst before too long if

Only I can last the scale

I won't have failed to sing the little minute waltz