Riverboat Gambler

Carly Simon2014年6月17日

Riverbaot Gambler - Carly Simon

Written by:Ted Templeton/David Campbell

Riverboat gambler


Drinking alone on the prow


Chasing your bourbon with tennessee gin


The big game's about to begin


Riverboat gambler


Hiding that ace up your sleeve

I can see through all that debonaire style


The irony bending your smile


And I won't tip your hand

And I won't do you in


I want to stay near you

I want you to win


Want you to win


Riverboat gambler


You can defy all the odds


You can draw diamonds to fill out your flush


You can find someone to trust

And I won't steal your chips


When I won't steal your pride


Won't you take me on faith

Won't you let me inside


Let me inside


Riverboat gambler


Under our velvet and lace


You're an old vagabond I'm a poor waif


Let's make a place that's safe

Riverboat gambler


Come on and let me inside Inside


Ooooooohhhhh oooooohhhhhh oooohh