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When Sunny Gets Blue (1995 Digital Remaster)

Matt Monro1995年7月14日


When Sunny Gets Blue (當桑妮變得憂鬱) (1995 Digital Remaster) - Matt Monro

When sunny gets blue


Skies get grey and cloudy


And the rain begins to fall


Pitter patter pitter patter


Love is gone

So what can I do


No sweet lover man comes to call


Oh when sunny gets blue


She breathes a sigh of sadness


Like the winds that sway the trees


Winds that set the leaves a-sway


Like the violins that play


Strange and haunting melodies


People used to love to hear her laugh


And see her smile


That's how she got her name


Since that sad affair


She's lost her smile

Changed her style


Somehow she's not the same


But memories move fail


And pretty dreams will rise up


Where the other dreams fell through


Hurry new love hurry here


To Kiss away each lonely tear


And Hold me when

Sunny gets blue


Oh hold me when sunny gets blue