We Were Made For This



We Were Made for This - Train


I woke up on angel Lightning in your arms

To the smell of burning bridges

And the sound of those alarms in my head

We should have stayed in bed

But we held them up on rent so many ways

When the coldest days of winter were the summers that we took

Came at the date grateful wasn't there

And like your were only made for me to kiss whoa

We were made for this

While the girls all dance beneath the burning

And the last ones spit summer to finish on the

Where they began and I wonder when to love

All we ever wanted must have been along

Burning how to fly the sun try to buyhope

Underneath the family stone

And just not new years day was made on reminisce whoa

We were made for this

Love and start to settle along it's like a neck

While my heart hallelujah feels our ears from your con-sense

While my heart stops beating and you stop breathing

In the end

You're the only thing I'm ever gonna miss whoa

We were made for this