Hopelessly Human


Hopelessly Human - Kansas

(Kerry Livgren)


It's a strange aberration this brainstorm of youth

Though it's lost in translation from fancy to truth

It's hopelessly human both inside and out

A joyous occasion no reason to doubt

It's easy somehow what once was elusive is calling me now

I am waiting I am patiently

Doing nothing in a reverie

Climbing higher seeing everything

Interacting slowly spiralling

I am giving while I'm watching the

Life I'm living precious energy

Escalating what was once just a game

It's never the same no one's to blame


It's a strange situation there's no cause for alarm

All these hot licks and rhetoric

Surely do you no harm

They're hopelessly human both inside and out

A joyous occasion there's no reason to doubt

When each word is read would you know the difference

If nothing was said

All is rhythm all is unity

I am laughing as it's meant to be

Just amusing I am using the

Word was given making harmony

Moving slowly dancing aimlessly

Endless circle turning fearlessly

Resurrected falling down again

Introspective I'm just stating my views

Now you can choose what do you feel

Is it for real this time