Croce Di Oro

Patti Page2013年7月15日


Croce Di Oro - Patti Page (帕蒂·佩奇)

You'll be gone

When the dawn comes tomorrow


You'll be far

Far away out at sea


So I give you this croce di oro


It will bring you home safely to me


Every hour we're apart will be sorrow


In the chapel a candle will burn


Take my love and this croce di oro


I will pray for you till you return


My darling


My darling my darling


Do you see that star in the blue


Each night I will give it a message


And the star will give it to you


Till we meet on that

Far off tomorrow


May the Good Lord be

With you and then


With the help of this croce di oro


You'll be back in my arms once again