Fallin' Rain



Fallin' Rain - E-40

From a small a** little tadpole


Swimmin in a fallopian tube

To a fixture on my soil


A stand up type a dude

I was brought up in the

Crack game dealin and pushin that stuff


Arguing with my folkers

Cause we loved eachother so much


Ditchin and dodgin the rollers

Grippin the block real tuff


Strikin and scootin them

Novas and them Chevrolet stepside trucks


Me and my brother Dennel


Kevin Dalon and Black


Little Ray Billy and Ivory and

Them from the Magazine Street camp


Posted up like thumbtacks


Talking on faulty big backs


Motorola A1 yola glad bag fulla Tic Tacs


In the mean time in between time

In my spare time writin raps


In the front yard in the driveway

On the concrete shootin craps


You think you know

But you really don't have no idea


Listen to discography of E40


Real talk for real


Moons ago way before I even had a career


I got my nickname on the

Turf for drinking hecka beer


And never letting the older

Cats up in my hood pump fear


Funkin with my own soil listen here


Jealous cause we had all

The broads and all the gear


Up the ladder I'm tryin to climb

Game sharper than a porcupine spine


Don't gimme nothing


I'ma work for mine try and grind grit and grind


Hot ones echo through the

Ghetto funkin all the time


I thank the Lord for giving

Me the gift to spit this rhyme


A loaf of bread a stick of butter and some milk


Around the corner from the

Spot where all the dealers dealt


Trials and tribul-i-zations


Me and my peopl-i-zations

Tryin to get this music off the

Ground with high a** expectations


Took a little time and patience


A little faith in God


To make a long story short

Look at me now sahob


I'm doing it chubby like the checker

Chunky like the soup


A de- a decade and a half and still in the loop

In case you suckers didn't know


I told you once before

I ain't rapping too fast

See y'all just listening too slow


I paved the way for the independent grind


The industry they mimick me

But don't wanna gimme mine