Raising Hell



Kings from queens from queens come kings

We're raisin' hell like a class when the lunchbell rings

The king will be praised and hell will be raised

S s s something tryin' to faze ya

But you won't be fazed

So what's your name dmc the king is me

You're hot miss for his majesty

Now you can debate ci ci ci concentrate

But you can't imitate dmc the great

Dissin' all devils brought in hotter than hell

At a very high level bass the devils shall yell

Heard in the heaven of a sound supreme

So clear to the ear it is sometimes seen

So loud like a cloud with thunder and lightning

So proud to the crowd it is somewhat frightening

And a cloud in a storm like a beast at least

You cannot stop you cannot rock you cannot cease


You see it's harder than hard not one hits soft

Courageous and contageous so you better break off

Not a call on a roll did you hear me call

Just listen when i'm dissing cause you're pissin' me off

Cold bedding is spreading all across your face

You can take when i break and if that's the case

I go on and on and kick the bass

So back up on the cut while i take my taste

It's like a praise when the hell is raised

So demanding and commanding that you all stand dazed

The unbelieving reseeing prophecies are true

I got the head of the devil and i'll throw it at you

My mighty mic control already brought his soul

The right king is a bowe when he rocksnroll

A black cat is my crown symbolizing the sound

Signifying we don't mess around

Bust it

Rappin' and climbin' keep makin' every day

Don't synthesize the sound so it sounds when i say

I am great get it straight cause that's my fate

My name is run i'm number 1

That's how i rate

He's in the place with the bass and styl'n grace

His name is j he's here to play and with this plate

He's off the wall on the ball his name is d

Kind of tall get y'all he's down with me

From the mountain valley to the deep blue sea

The word is heard as told by d

I'm not sayin' i'm bringing much to light

Like a star shining bright in the darkest night

If you are cold i'll bring you heat

Like i brought the world my funky beat

Mysterious is serious i ain't no joke

Fire from the depths of hell and you can smell the smoke

Kickin' and dickin' while you're havin' a ball

Like chicken finger lickin' i'll be flick'n you off

So do the bird have you heard did they give you a call

Just me and dmc cold shakin' the walls

There's no fearin' one hear'n sound of this kind

Across the land every man is going out of his mind

On the face of the earth spreadin' like a desease

Contaminating infiltrating like a swarm of bees

Lord of lyrics duke of discussion

Ruler of rock the king of col' crushing

Ruler of people controller of crowds

Ligeli lyrics all lasting and loud

Left y'all ah to the left y'all

Because i'm rockin' upon the mic real def y'all

And to the right y'all ah to the right y'all

Because i rock upon the mic all night y'all

You see i want respect and i'll correct

To haul like a ball that i have checked

And the shots they take have no effect

Some punk tried to dunk but he broke his neck

Cause i rock harder and i get father

You want a battle d hey please don't bother

To waste your time messin with my rap

The only kick you'll get out of it is in your behind