Song for Belly Dancer

Perry Como2014年6月14日

Song for Belly Dancer - Perry Como (佩裏·科莫)

My youth was spent in the orient


Where they never taught me to waltz


You'd be surprised when I exercised


It was never done to a waltz


It was done like this


But never to a waltz


In ancient saim women like I am

Indoors or on the street


No woman dances with her feet


Egyptian persian only one version


No other stands a chance


Feet are for walking

Not for dance


To an oriental fiddle


You can see them shake their middle


The feet don't mean a thing


Middles are all they swing

Even an Egyptian mummy

Wiggles her tummy

Wiggles it so and so


That is the only dance I know


You don't need an arthur murray

Just a fringe that's on the surrey


Will satisfy your needs


Dancing between the beads

Everybody shake your torso

Sexy but more so

Shake it come on let's go


Let's do the only dance I know