Randy Newman1983年8月16日


Mikey's (LP版) - Randy Newman

Have you seen my Marie


She's gone off somewhere




If she wanders in here babe


Tell her I'm lookin' for


I ain't mad or nothing


I just wanna talk


You know Mikey


We've been friends for a long time


You tell me all your troubles


And I've always told you mine


North Beach has changed though


Since we were grown up


Didn't used to be any spades here now you got 'em

Didn't used to be any Mexicans here now you got 'em

Didn't used to be any Chinamen here


Didn't used to be this ugly music playing all the time


Where are we on the moon


Whatever happened to the old songs Mikey


Like the Duke of Earl


Mikey whatever happened to the f**king Duke of Earl