These Precious Things

Julie Andrews2011年11月22日

These Precious Things - Julie Andrews

The forest glade so green and cool


Pine trees there on yonder hill


The lazy trout in sunlit pool

The summer night when all is still

The scent of roses in the breeze

The gentle humming of the bees

The woodland flowers so soft to touch


These precious things I love so much


I love to scorn the thought of gaining wealth

I want it not


I set no store by gold or rubies or pearls

I want them not


Simple things bring lasting happiness


For more than these simple

Things my heart will ever please


To saunter down a country lane


A stroll beside the moonlit see

To see the fields of gold and grain


The cattle grazing on the little

Watch the newborn lambs a play

The fragrant scent of new moon hay


The falling leaves at autumn's touch


These are the things


The precious things I love so much



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