Randy Newman2016年12月16日



Suzanne (蘇珊娜) - Randy Newman

I saw your name baby


In a telephone booth


Told all about you mama


Boy I hope it was the truth


I took down your number


Looked up your address sue


And I was hopin' that maybe


You could love me too


Wait in the shadows


For you to come by


Wait in the shadows


For you to come by


And then I'll jump from the shadows


And try and catch your eye


Gonna run my fingers through your hair


I don't want to get too romantic


That's just not my way


But when I get my arms around you


I'm gonna rock you all the night


Gonna rock you all the day


Suzanne you won't know it but I'll be behind you


Don't try and run away from me little girl


Wherever you go I'll find you


And when you go to the pictures


And I know you do


Don't take no one with you


'Cause I'll be there too