Swift - Salt-N-Pepa

The duo is back competition check out the new style

Then get the heck out

Put on your battlin' gear but don't come strapped

Bullets are not needed this time it's rap for rap

I'm makin' the move and soon you'll have to make yours back

In fact the further the rhyme is dancin' Jack will get a lip smack

So break up because it's time you shook up you gotta make up

It's time to break up the party now you're shook up

Salt and Pepa's gettin' swift livin' up to par

And competition how to Whassup is to ride the bra strap

Hurby's on the beats Steevee O has the musical notes

Spinderella's like a propeller spinnin' music so dope

Makin' a lot of noise for all the boys shootin' the gift

Hold on tight 'cause tonight Salt and Pepa's gettin' swift


You might have thought about goin' against the spices

Salt and Pepa's a mixture like Chinese rices

Battlin' time Mr Macho please don't try to rip

Because I'll melt ya like Nacho cheese

You want flavor well here's something to savor

Why don't you wave a microphone in front of my face

And a do small favor gimme a beat so I can bust a rhyme

For all the nerds let all the words feed your mind

Statin' the things and pleasin' takin' a rest I'm out for easin'

Bodily functions makin' 'em dance and Pep this is the Christmas season

This is duck season and I'm gettin' high

You're outta luck duck now it's time for you to get and die

The ebony queens are back on the scene

I assume you still suck like a vacuum machine

Cornball sucker give me a break

I'm a drop you from the sky like snow you a cornflake

Born to break any sucker or half stepper

Who wants to get assaulted with a deadly pepper

Go down low down this ain't no showdown

The competition I'm sure they'll blow down

Even if you seem to stand stiff

The breeze of the rhyme makes you move and we get swift


Suckers and flukes it seems you lost and time to put up dukes

'Cause you just forced it the furious females to fly to f**k with

Stay stiff suckers soon you'll be stuck with a rep torn to shreds

A musical score leg need a victory I left an 'S' on your forehead

Don't fuse up now it's time to put out lights

I won't ease up pal 'cause I'm a go outta sight

Lyrical queen mess around and you'll get creamed

The star of every male's fantasy or wetdream

The ebony princess in a lyrical safari

Battlin' me is like a Honda racing a Ferrari

If you were the king what laws would you have me obey

None my son 'cause I'm quicker than a

Quick to split the chick tryin' to get slick

You're nothing but a prostitute turning a new trick

Little Miss Wench my mind is a trench

Makes you drop then you stop in your tracks and as I clench

My fist I twist words you use to rip

The next time you flex I'm guaranteed to get swift


Hip hopper's rap artists and rhyme fanatics

He you believe there's a sucker trying to cause static

Break out the health supplies and medical aid

Prepare your mind for a super alphabetical raid

Rhythmic explosion without corrosion

Rhymes in effect that protect like a Trojan

Against disease sorta like a wack MC

Rhymes more powerful than a punch at Jack Dempsy

I fear no one plus I tell no tales

I will stand up to any male or female

Ones who persist to resist end up a prisoner

Hissed in a daze or a faze because he is in a

State of shock too hard for one to take

So in a multitude of crowds I run to break

Beats for torture but don't get played

I stay paid I caught ya now you shook you're afraid

Scared of the fact we came back to uplift

The name we designed the game and we get swift