Jim Reeves2013年8月12日


Home - Jim Reeves (吉姆·裏夫斯)

Well I've been a traveler most of my life

Never took a home never took a wife

Ran away young and decided to roam

Wanna see my mama and my daddy back home

Home where the river runs cold

The water tastes good the winters ain't cold

Home where the trees grow tall

The home fires burn the whippoorwills call

I remember stories that my daddy used to tell

My eyes would get big and his chest would swell

I could sit for hours and listen with glee

As he'd tell of how he lived when he's a boy like me

Well mama dear mama do you still love your boy

After all my roamin' can I still bring you joy

Mom sent a letter got it not long ago

She said "come home I'm missin' you so