Never A Time (2007 Digital Remaster)


Never A Time (2007 Digital Remaster) - Genesis

There is never a time to say


Cos it seems to me we've lost our way


So we carry on down the road


And we live our lives haunted by


All the things we say and do


Keep on missing when I'm alone with you


No there's never a time to change


You don't get a chance to re-arrange


It's a long long long way to go


Just to find out something we both know


Can't you see what's going on


It's so sad that a love so strong has gone


All I know is what is true


All I ask is for you


To just look around and see


You live your life locked in a dream


Where nothing is real and not what it seems


We can't go on another day


Just being afraid to say


It's a long long way to fall


When we both thought we had it all


Well you know it's the time to say


Cos we're all played out we've lost our way

Oh I hoped that you would be


Oh so understanding


And by now you'd see but oh no


So sad oh so sad that's the way that it goes

I know I'm gonna tell you right now