I Remember That Freak Bitch (From The Club) (featuring Barron Ricks)/Interlude Part 2

Cypress Hill, Barron Ricks2009年9月28日

I Remember That Freak B**ch (From The Club) /Interlude Part 2 - Cypress Hill/Barron Ricks

I use to know this girl

Who slang the green sh*t

Had it all going on

But it didn't mean sh*t

She wanted to be a star

With big cars

And all the fame

That came her way I gotta say

That she was all

That and a bag of Indoe

With no seeds such a delightful w**d

I wish she was still around

But no she's gone

My guess she got blessed

And she got put on

Hey yo I miss that girl

She was the bomb

Had the bomb diggy bomb bom

And up on the quraun

Had all the holy book

With looks to kill still

I never met another dealer

With that appeal

With those electric eye's hypnotize

Any wise man

Surpize the queen of the lye

Better b**ches bounce in five

Mo' deep cliques

Dipped in victoria secret scents

Hangin/ with men under surveillance

From the government

While Don Juan types floss rites

She's chewin' on ice

Meditatin' with her camp gettin' damp

She's a femme fatale freak b**ch

High maintenance

Got her f**kin' clit pierced

Chained to her anus

Professional fo wettin' up

Niggas suck em first till' they bust

Swallow nut then

She's quick to strut right ou projectsthe

Been a whore since '91

Suckin' niggas dicks for

Fun holdin guns in her buns

Type of chick to tel you f**k her

In the a** talkin' sh*t


On ya dick


I remember that freak b**ch

Up in the club a Victoria secret

She gives love no matter

Which way you keep it

You get thrown out

The picture now peep it

You get the glove b**ch

Its been years since

I've sen the queen of reen on the screen

So I stepped up to door

A her like dreamscreen

Or better needing yet a like fixa fin

She wasn't like other chicks

On the scene puling schemes for chips

She was like Run DMC tougher

Than leather

Raw b**ch but then

She was soft like a feather

Never again will

I meet a woman natureof her

Sky pager turned of


Dating one of the Lakers

Lucky a** ni**a with a jump-shot

He got that hot sh*t all in

His pocke on lock

Damn I guess I'm jealous

That other fellas got with her

But her sister's bangin too

What should I do

F**k it I'll do like my ni**a

Smooth would the princess

Planting my seed

In the next queen of Buddha bless

F**k playing the 2nd string on the squad

I'm blowin up all in your face word to God

Yeah I f**ker in the hershey tunnel

Deep inside it made her p**sy bubble

A me Yo She that told it loves you

I told her arch that back

And let me see that a**

And then I kissed it licked it stuck

My nose all in position

I told her baby listen

Can't you see my f**kin dick is

Throbbin' She started gobbalin

Slobberin' dick gurgalin


'Burpin' it

I told her it don't matter

Don't baby bit jusst it

No nolds barred my dick

Was hard enough to dent a car

I stuck it in between to spread

Da red sea apart

The p**sy fart was a mothaf**kin'

Work of art

She rode my dick just kawasaki

Like a till her puss started

Soundin' sloppy like an old jalopy

Time to nut took off

The condom slapped her on the butt

Then I busted in her in between her lips

Then she started

Lickin' it because it was good sh*t

Protein packed enriched


Yeah I got my sh*t the Freaky Mr Ricks


I remember that freak b**ch

Up in the club a Victoria secret

She gives love no matter

Which way you keep it

You get thrown out the

Picture now peep it

You get the glove b**ch