Dear Sweet Filthy World

Elvis Costello, Brodsky Quartet2009年3月3日


Dear Sweet Filthy World - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)/Brodsky Quartet

Dear sweet filthy world

My wife or whoever reads this


I think that I've lived too long


With all of my promise unfulfilled


But there is a veil drawn

Over all of that


I know you'll probably say


Spare us the melodrama


I don't know how he chose


The pills or the stupid revolver

I'm out of luck


I'm not that strong


My hands your neck


I might have wrung


Don't try to find me


I'm not worth anything anymore


I am not leaving you


With all of you problems

Cause the biggest one is me


Life is dark

And cold as the sea


Embrace me in my anguish

Put seaweed in my hair

And vow that you won't cry

Because I've gone I can't go on

I can't go on

I can't go on

I must close now