I'm Not Going Out Like That


I'm Not Going Out Like That - Run-DMC

Crime time nah I get mine

Climb do fine wine and just dine

Make break ill and just take

Fate for God sake a break is at stake

Crack wack smack you right back

In fact you might last to jack if I crack

Cry lie do or just die

Live positive and give but that's why "I'm not "


Dee the King me and you knew it

Real sin is wrong so get to it

You want to flaunt and talk and you're tryin

To taunt and want and want cause you're dyin

Your place race chase and I seen it

And now child bow and I mean it

I came saw kicked and you saw it

The crowd proud and loud and all for it

Real sin is wrong sin is wrong so don't do it

We invented the song and you blew it

I knew the time was right so I wrote it

Here's the hook look so just quote it "I'm not "


Comin off time and time and that's whether


You your crew knew whatever

I did done do I'm this clever

I come again and win and you'll never

See a man like me your idol

So joke smoke toke but this title

The rhyme is mine fine and so vital

It's time for me to rock my recital

Gonna tell you about a groove that's comin

From the heart in part and just one in

A million or you will be bummin

So check the time the rhyme that comes from it

Inside your brain remain so just keep it

Plain sane refrain so just peep it

Look see it check but never stop it

The hook comes next so Jay drop it "I'm not "


Gotta go Joe you know to the T O P

And see Dee you know we know

The way today I say I'm not a Leo

The King is Dee and Jay he score

That's left to smile a while keep grinnin

This past style is wild and I'm winnin

Roll stroll control and I'm coolin

The King of Rock and Roll and I'm rulin

I rhyme shock and stop and I'm droppin

I pop hip hop I'm hip hoppin

Receive a G while I'm throwin

It's D M C it's me I'm not goin "I'm not "


Must crush us you gotta

Take us out we're hotter

Team is mean a lot of

Work in volved we're smarter

Dee Jay Run no jokin

Hot as Hell we're smokin

Punks rumps chumps we're yokin

News is crews are chokin

Out like that not goin

In like men we're growin

Chance to dance not blowin

Go to show don't roll in

Don't you know we're stayin

Here to show not playin

Here's the jam respect it

Time to end THIS RECORD "I'm not "