Small Hands

Radical Face2015年11月6日

Small Hands - Radical Face

Well the world might cut you down again


But you know the way back home


And your best might not be good enough


But just know you're not alone


And if you slip and lose your way again


I'll know

That you will be all right


You still gotta try


If you need come build your home in me


And you know I won't complain


And I can't fix what was done to you


But I'll shield you from the rain


And if the walls

They build become too high


Then step up on my back and climb


'Cause I never mind


No matter the day or time

I never mind


And all the angers

That they hid inside your chest

We will unravel all of the chains


And toss the remnants all down the drain


And all my hands are

Much too small to hold you up


I will be there pick up the pieces

And keep you housed

While you bend them up


And if you wind up in the dark again


Just turn and call my name


And if the fire in your chest comes out


Oh hold you all the same


And if you need to take this out on me


Well you know I won't complain