The Voyage of Eight Eighteen


The Voyage of Eight Eighteen - Kansas

Written by:Zak Rizvi/Ronald R Platt/Phillip Ehart


Somewhere there is


A place where all the things that live and breathe

Exist in harmony


Sharing gifts of what a world of life


Can bring to those who see


Giving back more than they take they need


To stay in balance letting colors synchronize


Somehow the light


Of greater minds of knowledge lead us through

The darkness of night


Calculated the dimensions flow


A formula that's just and right


Bringing us to reason and reform


The logic that eludes the changing answers of the truth


Someway we'll find


A way to hold the innocence we had in

The eyes of a child


To wake each day with open hearts and minds


Devoid of tarnishing from life


Beyond a darkness that conceals our hate


No one to despise


No more feelings to disguise