I'm Dreaming

Randy Newman2016年12月16日


I'm Dreaming (我在做夢) - Randy Newman

Written by:Randy Newman

George Washington was a white man


Adams and Jefferson too


Abe Lincoln was a white man probably


And William McKinley the whitest of them all


Was shot down by an immigrant in buffalo


And a star fell out of heaven


I'm dreaming of a white president


Just like the ones we've always had


A real live white man

Who knows the score


How to handle money or start a war


Wouldn't even have to tell me what we were fighting for


He'd be the right man


If he were a


I'm dreaming of a white president


Someone whom we can understand


Someone who knows where we're coming from


And that the law of the jungle is not the law of this land


In deepest darkest Africa nineteen three


A little boy says daddy I just discovered relativity


A big eclipse is coming


And I'll prove it wait and see


You better eclipse yourself outta here son


And find yourself a tree


There's a lion in the front yard


And he knows he won't catch me


How many little Albert Einsteins

Cut down in their prime


How many little Ronald Reagan


Gobbled up before their time


I don't believe in evolution


But it does occur to me


What if little William Howard Taft had to face a lion

Or god forbid climb a tree


Where would this country be


I'm dreaming


Buh buh buh buh


Cause things have never been this bad


So he won't run the hundred in ten seconds flat


So he won't have a pretty jump shot

Or be an Olympic acrobat


So he won't know much about global warming


Is that really where you're at


He won't be the brightest perhaps


But he'll be the whitest


And I'll vote for that


Whiter than this



Whiter than this




Whiter than this



Whiter than this

Oh yeah