Tightrope Ride

The Doors2012年10月22日


Tightrope Ride - The Doors (大門樂隊)

You're on a tightrope ride nobody by your side


Well you're all alone gotta find a new home


Don't go over the line You better keep on time


Or you'll lose your mind on your tightrope ride


Watch out don't fall Careful don't slip


You better get your balance you have to feel the way


There are no more questions no answers today


There are no reasons there are no more rhymes


But if you feel it you can fly next time


You can fly next time or maybe this time


Did you think we were all together


Did you think we were all the same


Did you think maybe I could help you


Remember your name remember the game


What's the name of the game


It's a very good game never stays the same


It's the number one from mud to sun


You're on a tightrope ride we're all by your side


But you're all alone and we're going home


And we're by your side but you're all alone


Like a Rolling Stone like Brian Jones


On a tightrope ride