There's a Small Hotel

Ella Fitzgerald2013年9月20日


There's a Small Hotel - Ella Fitzgerald

TI'd like to get away Junior

Somewhere alone with you


It could be oh so gay Junior

You need a laugh or two


A certain place I know Frankie

Where funny people can have fun


That's where we two will go darling

Before you can count up

One two three

For there's a small hotel


With a wishing well

I wish that we were there together


There's a bridal suite


One room bright and neat


Complete for us to share together


Looking through the window

You can see a distant steeple


Not a sign of people who wants people

When the steeple bell says

"Good night sleep well "

We'll thank the small hotel

We'll creep into our little shell

And we will thank the small hotel together



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