Summer Skeletons

Radical Face2013年10月22日

Summer Skeletons - Radical Face

We were sun-burned and shoeless kids


It was the dead of July

We were skippin' stones in the failing light

I smelled the fire place

Although we were miles away

We were infinite

There was no time in those days


When all we knew wasn't stolen

There was nothing real to lose

When our heads were still simple

We'd sleep beneath the moon


You were something

That would always be around

When regrets were nowhere to be found


Lost out among the trees

Our hands scraped the bark

You still had bloody knees

From your spill in the dark

We were both laughing then

While carving bad words in the wood

We had no need to speak


Night down by the shore

We were down by the shore

When the skies opened up

And all the stars fell into the lake

When the water was warm

Walked in over my head

But you pulled me out by the collar of my shirt


Dirt in our ears sun in our eyes

Shirts hung in rags head in the clouds

Our fears had no teeth hearts were still blind

You barely talked and I didn't mind