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Misty Mountains

Peter Hollens2014年9月30日

Misty Mountains (霧山) - Peter Hollens

Far over the Misty Mountains cold


To dungeons deep and caverns old


We must away ere break of day


To find our long forgotten gold


The pines were roaring on the height


The winds were moaning in the night


The fire was red it flaming spread;


The trees like torches blazed with light


The wind was on the withered heath


But in the forest stirred no leaf:


There shadows lay be night or day


And dark things silent crept beneath


(Aaaahh aaahh )


The wind went on from West to East;


All movement in the forest ceased


But shrill and harsh across the marsh


It's whistling voices were released


Farewell we call to hearth and hall


Though wind may blow and rain may fall


We must await ere break of day


Far over wood and mountain tall