Jeremy Loops on JOOX Big Live, Lockdown & Ed Sheeran

Jeremy Loops on JOOX Big Live, Lockdown & Ed Sheeran

Jeremy Loops on JOOX Big Live, Lockdown & Ed Sheeran

Jeremy Loops has spent months away from performing and being on the road due to the nationwide lockdown. But come Sunday at 5pm, he will head our JOOX Big Live performance.

The performance is available to thousands of JOOX VIP subscribers, who will stream Jeremy and band performing live. The moment marks the beginning of the industry opening up again for the artist in a time where musicians have been hard-hit.

“For most people in the music industry, [lockdown] was just a lot to get through,” Jeremy says. “It was a lot for everyone to get through, but the music world was just entirely shutdown with no vision for when it might start up again.”

But the 36-year-old also saw lockdown as a chance to redefine the difficult position he was in. Jeremy, who is used to life on planes and hotel rooms and is usually out of the country, saw lockdown as a chance to have the difficult conversations he normally wouldn’t be able to.

How Jeremy helped the Cape Town community

Jeremy didn’t only do the talking, he took action. When the nation went under lock and key, desperate to get away from the coronavirus, he started The Big Food Drive to raise funds for soup kitchens in the Western Cape. To date, his efforts have raised almost R1-million.

“We funded upwards of 45 soup kitchens with weekly deliveries of fresh produce and it was a beautiful thing to be part of.” Now the musician is putting his efforts into something more long term; building public vegetable gardens.

His latest track

The Kommetjie-born muso also took action in the way he knows best, through music. Jeremy released song By The Way, featuring rapper Motheo Moleko. The song is a call to arms says Jeremy, for society to be better.

“By The Way was the first song that I wrote during lockdown, it was a lockdown baby. It was right in the beginning of things; the world was already going crazy,” he says. “The idea behind it is that we all are going to need to dig incredibly deep to not just survive this new world, but to thrive in the situation that we’re all in now.

Working with Ed Sheeran

2020 saw Jeremy sign with Universal Music. It’s all about taking the music further than he’s been able to before as an independent artist, he says, with the artist set to release his next album in 2021.

Fans are eager for the release, with Jeremy having worked with music giant Ed Sheeran on the album. “For this album I did a few songs with some really big people,” he says. “I did a co-write on one of the songs with Ed Sheeran and it was super cool, man! He’s a lovely man, it was an absolute honour to work with him.

“It nearly threw me off my feet the day that he wrote me an email and said, ‘do you want to come and join me in studio for a couple of songs?’

“It happened very organically, we met each other out one night, we had a few drinks together, I went to one of his shows and then he invited me to come and work with him. It really was as simple as that, just two people connecting.”

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