Icon Series: Jon Bon Jovi

Icon Series: Jon Bon Jovi

Icon Series: Jon Bon Jovi

Think of the 80s and if Jon Bon Jovi (born John Bongiovi) doesn’t spring to mind, then you have never experienced stone-washed jeans and a perm in its full wind-blown glory. Achieving huge success with soaring vocals, hook resplendent songs and glamorous performances to sardine-packed arenas, Bon Jovi encapsulates the heyday of hair metal and beyond. Whip out your air guitar as we celebrate Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday on 2 March.

Vital Stats:

Most iconic songs: Livin’ on a Prayer (1986) I’ll be there for you (1988) Always (1994) It’s My Life (2000)

Most iconic album: Slippery When Wet (1986)

Albums: 13 Studio Albums 3 Live Albums 4 Compilation Albums

Grammys: 9 Nominations Won in 2007 for Best Country Collaboration

SA Tours: These Days Tour (1995) Because We Can (2013)

Fun Fact: The media was so obsessed with Jon Bon Jovi’s long 80s hair that it made CNN news when he cut his hair

Contribution to music: Bon Jovi defined the big rock stadium Anthem during the 80s with their massive hits and are pop culture icons of the era

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