Madonna的專輯Like a Virgin (Reissue)

Like a Virgin (Reissue)

Madonna2014年7月4日 11 首歌

Like a Virgin (Reissue)

這是麥當娜的成名專輯。雖然在此之前她已經推出一張專輯,裏面歌曲首首都成爲美國酒吧夜總會的必放曲目,甚至幾次打上排行榜首位,但真正讓她走紅的專輯便是這張出版於一九八四年年底的第二張專輯《Like A Virgin》,她示範的內衣外穿跟露肚臍立刻成爲全球流行時尚。由於“Like A Virgin”專輯走紅全球,麥當娜的家鄉打算頒給她榮譽市鑰表揚她的貢獻,不料此時《花花公子》雜誌刊登了她當年在紐約拍的裸照,取消了這項儀式。 1984年"Like A Virgin"登上冠軍,成爲Madonna的首支冠軍單曲。之後的"Material Girl"、"Crazy For You"...等也都創下亮眼的成績。Madonna的演唱事業越發順利,緊接着"Live And Tell"、"Papa Don't Preach"、"Open Your Eyes"、"Who's That Girl"、"Like A Prayer"....冠軍單曲的產生,將Madonna的聲勢推到最高峰,成爲地位無人能及的藝界女王。"Like A Virgin"也是流行音樂雜誌《滾石》與MTV音樂電視聯合評選出了自1963年以來世界最偉大的一百首流行歌曲之一。麥當娜共有三首歌曲入選,分別是"Papa Don′t Preach "、"Like A Virgin"、"Vogue "。 Like a Virgin is the second studio album by American recording artist Madonna, released on November 12, 1984 by Sire Records. It was re-released worldwide in 1985, with the bonus track "Into the Groove". In 2001, Warner Bros. released a remastered version with two bonus remix tracks. After the release and the success of her self-titled debut album, Madonna wanted to solidify her future in the music business, by building on the success of the first album. However, she decided to become one of the record producers, feeling the need to control the various aspects of her music. Nile Rodgers was chosen as the primary producer of the album, due to his work with David Bowie. The album was recorded at Power Station Studio in New York at a quick pace. Rodgers assisted the help of his former Chic band mates Bernard Edwards, who was the bassist, and Tony Thompson, who played drums; they appeared on several tracks of the album. Rodgers decided to be the guitarist, when Edwards requested him to do so, in exchange of their help. Jason Corsaro, the record's audio engineer, persuaded Rodgers to use digital recording, a new technique at the time which Corsaro believed was going to be the future of recording because test pressings always sounded consistent. Madonna was always present during the recordings, and believed that the songs on the album were stronger, compared to her debut album. The cover sleeve and images were shot by Steven Meisel. Madonna wanted the album title and the cover image to make provocative link between her own religious name Madonna, as the Roman Catholic title for Jesus' mother Mary, and the Christian concept of the virgin birth. Like a Virgin is not that much of a musical departure from the first album, but the material is stronger. Along with Rodgers, Madonna also collaborated with her former boyfriend Steve Bray, who co-produced majority of the songs on the album. Consisting of dance-pop oriented music, the songs also incorporated New Wave music. After its release, Like a Virgin received mixed reviews from the critics, but was a commercial success. It became Madonna's first number one album on the Billboard 200, while reaching the top of the album charts in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it diamond, for shipment of ten million copies across the United States. Worldwide it has sold 21 million copies, becoming one of the best-selling albums of all time. Five singles were released from the album, with the title track and "Material Girl" becoming worldwide hits and "Into the Groove" becoming her first number-one single in the United Kingdom. To promote Like a Virgin, Madonna embarked on her first concert tour—The Virgin Tour—which travelled in cities of North America only. Like a Virgin has attained significance as a cultural artifact of the 80s. Madonna proved that she was not a one-hit wonder and was able to establish herself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Her songs became a lightning rod for both criticism by conservatives and imitation by the younger female population, especially "Material Girl" and "Like a Virgin". According to author J. Randy Taraborrelli, "Every important artist has at least one album in his or her career whose critical and commercial success becomes the artist's magic moment; for Madonna, Like a Virgin was just such a defining moment".
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對於粉絲來說,Like a Virgin (Reissue) 是一張不容錯過的專輯。它於 2014年7月4日 發行,Like a Virgin (Reissue) 由Madonna 等歌手推出。這張專輯包含 11 首歌曲,每一首作品充分表達出其專輯概念。只要上JOOX,你便能立即欣賞Like a Virgin (Reissue) 中的高音質歌曲、歌詞和MV,一同沉浸在美妙的音樂體驗中吧!