Jennifer Lopez的專輯The Reel Me

The Reel Me

Jennifer Lopez2003年11月18日 6 首歌
有關 The Reel Me
With 16 music videos under her belt, Jennifer Lopez has a few things to say in this sexy DVD anthology about what it takes to connect people to her songs. She says them concisely in an interview that wraps around The Reel Me's collection of sweet ballads, sweaty dance music, and jagged hip-hop, but the videos actually speak for themselves. "If You Had My Love" makes a closed-circuit, home-security system a vehicle for catching J-Lo in an amorous mood--a ridiculous idea, of course, but terribly hot just the same. "No Me Ames" finds Lopez and Marc Anthony playing an embattled couple in a dramatization of their powerful duet. Other highlights include "Feelin' So Good," in which the star plays a hairdresser who blows her paycheck on a night out with the girls; the "Ain't It Funny" remix, with its deep colors and sassy attitude; and "Jenny from the Block," co-starring Ben Affleck. The DVD/CD combo is also available in a DVD-sized digipack.