Jennifer Rush的專輯Out Of My Hands

Out Of My Hands

Jennifer Rush2003年2月28日 11 首歌
有關 Out Of My Hands
Upon this discovering Out Of My Hands, my first thought was, "Whoa, another Jennifer Rush CD I missed." The second thought was, "Hey! She covers songs by Queen and The Moody Blues. Now that I gotta hear!" If she was brimming with passion on her 1988 Passion album, she's got even more here, as "Tears In The Rain" is a return to the bombastic power ballads, crashing piano, organs and power vocals that made me shudder in awe upon hearing her sing. And no wonder, this song was written by Desmond Child and my favourite, Diane Warren. Apart from the inability to distinguish tears during a rainy day, it also helps to hide one's pain. "So as we're sayin' goodbye/guess I'll be cryin' in vain/cause you can't see tears in the rain."