Yours Truly

Air Supply2010年2月16日 13 首歌
有關 Yours Truly
Once again, this band that has been turning out great material for over 26 years, proves they still have what it takes. This is one of Air Supply's finest efforts yet ! If this album gets airplay here in the states--there are definite BIG hits on this one. The powerful ballad You are the Reason, featuring beautiful guest vocals by Indian female performer Mehnaz, is fantastic ! Another song that sounds like a huge hit is the incredible Don't Throw Our Love Away with it's soaring string arrangement !
Plus there are such emotional, stirring songs like the title track and the mournful Hard to Forget Her. I love the more rock oriented songs as well. Certainly these types of songs have always been a part of what Air Supply is and they showcase that talent well here. People who complain about lyrics like "potato chips, female hips" are pretty ridiculous to me. There are so many songs out there with nonsensical lyrics. Look at Duran Duran for instance. What the heck's a "lizard mixture" ? The bottom line is, a song like Body Glove is fun, and has a cool beat. Great job, Air Supply---keep 'em coming ! 

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