Brand Nubian的專輯In God We Trust

In God We Trust

Brand Nubian2010年2月16日 14 首歌
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This album showed that the guys of Now Rule, Lord Jamar and Sadat X (don't forget Sincere) could hold their own after Grand Puba went solo. It's also refreshing to hear after Grand Puba was all over their first album. Yet I still missed Puba a little bit and a smidget of Brand Nubian's flava left with him, so this album is ALMOST as tight as their first album. But overt Five Percent messages (their album title, In God We Trust, is a play on words: God meaning of the heavens and/or "god" meaning the black man) and thumping beats with cool lyrics are still in abundance. Bangers to check for are "Pass the Gat", "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" ("I keep my tongue in my mouth/'Cuz I can't see down south", says Sadat to a girl), and of course, "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down", but this version is different from the famous video version.