Soul Provider

Michael Bolton1989年6月27日 10 首歌
有關 Soul Provider
Michael Bolton really showed his stuff when he made Soul Provider, his breakthrough album. He proved with such songs as the title track, "How Can We Be Lovers", "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You", and "When I'm Back on My Feet Again" that he could write great songs and carry a memorable tune with each one. Not to mention that all four were big hits back in the day. 
Those four big hits aren't the only things that make Soul Provider a great album. Most of the non-hits could've well been hits, especially "Love Cuts Deep" and "It's Only My Heart". The only song I didn't like is "Georgia on My Mind", but then again I never liked the original of that song either.

While Soul Provider isn't Michael Bolton's best album (Time, Love & Tenderness holds that honor), it is a great buy for anybody who likes love songs with great lyrics and soaring vocals.