Live Around The World

Miles Davis2009年3月8日 11 首歌
有關 Live Around The World
The body of work Davis created in his 40-plus years of recording makes the word "incomparable" grossly inadequate. So, it should be no surprise that these live recordings, drawn from the last three years of his life, are nothing short of remarkable. This collection highlights Davis's funkier 80s repertoire. From the laid back groove of "Mr. Pastorius" to the driving rhythms of "Wrinkle," this was Davis redefining jazz. Even more remarkably, it was all recorded digitally in stereo with no remixes, no overdubs, and a sound so perfect that most musicians couldn't match those standards in a studio. The album's closing version of "Hannibal" was drawn from Davis's final performance, giving both the already haunting composition and the entire album an added poignancy. Jazz doesn't get much better than Davis, and live recordings don't get much better than this.
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